3M VHB Tape Acrylic foam tapes

3M VHB Tape Acrylic foam tapes are an alternative product to rivets, screws and welding. For over 25 years, Industries worldwide have been using 3M VHB™ Tapes on many different substrates. Very High Bond acrylic foam tapes, are high performing and economical alternatives to traditional mechanical fastening systems.

Little or no investment in machinery is required. Your products are of better quality, stronger better looking and of a higher resistance to corrosion and environment.

Some of the benefits of using 3M VHB Tape Acrylic foam tapes:

  • Finishing time is reduced and appearance enhanced by eliminating screws, rivets and welding.
  • VHB™ tape differs from regular foam tapes by its 100% pure acrylic adhesive core so it has high cohesive strength.
  • Simply apply pressure with hand roller and the bond is made.

Jeaton supply all types of 3M VHB tapes for all applications, if you cannot find the VHB tape your are looking for on our website please contact us.

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